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Making A Murderer Review


making a murderer

Images owned by Netflix.

Making A Murderer is a ten episode documentary series on Netflix. The documentary follows Steven Avery, a man who was wrongly imprisoned in 1985 for a crime he did not commit. 18 years later he was released but soon after he was accused of murdering a young woman named Teresa Halbach. Although Steven believed in himself he was innocent and his parents stood by him the police still convicted him of the murder.

This story takes a lot of twists and turns as it suggests the idea that the police could have framed Steven for the murder. Due to inconsistencies in the first prison sentence where facts were shown to the police yet they ignored them and pointed their finger at Steven regardless it puts the police’s facts into question again in the murder case. Watching the series, a lot of the time the police looked incredibly shifty or worried if a question was presented to them that went against their word. They didn’t know how to react and seemed to question their own statements.

Another twist was Steven’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, claimed that he helped his uncle kill Teresa and gave detailed accounts to prove this. As the trial continues however Brendan’s story constantly changes and, due to his below average intelligence, he is not a reliable source of information. Watching the recordings of when Brendan was interviewed too it is incredibly clear that the investigators are planting  a lot of this information on how Teresa died into his head. Being an impressionable sixteen year old and not really understanding what it happening it is understandable that he would reply with what they want to hear just to make them stop rather than the truth.

In my opinion I believe Steven Avery is innocent and I also believe Brendan Dassey is innocent too as his stories are too random and inconsistent it doesn’t show a true statement. In some places I do believe the police framed Steven, especially with the blood found in Teresa’s car and the issue with the numberplate and the car being found on Steven’s property.

I honestly find it quite scary that the police could do such a thing. Especially with the case in 1985 they had so much evidence pointing to a different offender yet they didn’t even consider him being the one that did it. Why would they do that? I don’t get how a personal feud or issue with Steven would mean that he has to spend 18 years in jail for something he didn’t do!

If you haven’t watched this series I urge you to watch it because sometimes real life stories can be scarier and more interesting than any fictional TV series. To know this could happen to innocent people in our world is disgusting and also means that the real killer could still be out there.

Do you think Steven Avery is guilty or innocent? What about Brendan Dassey?

Until next time.


  1. I was really emotionally involved and for a long time thought he was innocent but then reading up on facts that were left out of the documentary, I’m slightly unsure now as to where I stand. Apparently police also found Avery’s DNA on the car hood after Dassey said they moved the car and Avery took the car battery out. Apparently there are also records to show Avery rang Theresa on the day she died three times but twice used a code to make his number unidentifiable and apparently Halbach had complained that she didn’t like visiting Avery as he once greeted her wearing just a towel. (Oh and Avery always used to ask Auto Trader to send Halbach and no other photographer.)
    I think the documentary makers were very selective in the information that they chose to show. I don’t disagree that the whole entire case was handled in the most abhorrent and incredibly unprofessional way but I just wonder if the documentary makers are trying to skew the truth somewhat?
    The information above came from multiple sources all claiming that it was crucial evidence the documentary team left out but I can’t be one hundred percent sure how accurate it is. It does make you think though…


  2. I’m also watching Making and Murderer too! I’m so into it at the moment its just so interesting! – I’m almost on the last episode but I don’t want it to end! x

    Jemma |


  3. I’ve finished watching it and I can honestly say I was hooked from start to finish. I really believed that they are both innocent as it just seemed too coincidental as it all came up just as he was supposed to get his money for being wrongly imprisoned. But I saw an article that said there was a lot of evidence against Steven that wasn’t mentioned on the show. I also read that Stevens brothers were both charged with sexual assault so now I’m wondering if they could’ve had anything to do with it… it’s all so interesting!


    • I thought his brothers’ could have something to do with it as their alibis were just too convenient. I guess we’ll never know the whole truth until he’s re-trialed and the real killer, if it isn’t Avery, is found.


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