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Bare Minerals – Love At First Kiss

For Christmas I gratefully received the Bare Minerals “Love At First Kiss” lipstick set. I was amazed that I received this as it was sold out everywhere I looked so I am so grateful! Within this set you get 10 (yes 10!) mini lipsticks all with romantic names and the perfect shades for, well, your first kiss 😉 (or any other kisses in your life!).


Half the lipsticks are gold and half are black and I think this is so cute! They look amazing all together and even now I still keep them in the box to keep them looking all pretty!


The lipsticks come in many shades from pink nudes. to brown nudes, to reds and purples. There is a shade for every type of day which is perfect and, of course, there is something for everyone. At the moment I’m loving the reds and darker nudes. They have such a strong pigment and are so smooth and moisturising they are a dream to wear!


My favourites are ‘live large’, ‘make your move’, ‘hit the mark’ and ‘risk it all’. There is a colour for every outfit and every makeup look so this is also a great beginner set to try out a bunch of Bare Minerals lipsticks!


Have you tried any Bare Minerals lipsticks? What are your favourites?

Until next time.


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