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Baker Days Cake

In December I was the lucky winner of a Baker Days letterbox cake! This cake is obviously the size of an average letterbox so it can easily be delivered to you. I was able to choose the design I wanted on the cake as well as the flavour and any personalisation I wanted.

The cake came in a lovely little box with a bunch of extra stuff that I did not realise would come with it! I was so grateful for this and the presentation looks amazing.

Inside I received a little card which was adorable! It said for me to enjoy my cake so that’s exactly what I did. I thought this was such a nice add on that didn’t have to be included but I loved it none the less.

Inside you also got some candles to put on the cake if wanted, a few balloons and a party horn which was so cute! I’m personally terrified of balloons (mainly when they pop) so I didn’t blow them up but the party horn was so much fun to play around with and made me feel like a big kid again.

The cake comes in a circular box made out of tin so it lasts a while. On it, it says ‘just for you’. I thought the cake coming in this was so helpful because it made sure the cake stayed perfect and it’s something I could use again whether when I make cakes or to keep little things in.

This was the cake I got. Inside it was chocolate (of course) and it tasted amazing! It actually made two journeys as I sent my home address to the person I won the giveaway from but it didn’t arrive in time so my dad had to send it over to my uni address. Even though it travelled quite far it stayed perfectly in tact and tasted so good. It was moist and very filling. I love the design and I love the personalisation on it.

I’d definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for something different. They have so many different designs there is something for everyone and something for any occasion!

Have you ever tried their cakes before?

Until next time.



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