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You’re a Directioner?!

one direction

Image owned by One Direction.

First off no. I am not a Directioner. I am not a Directioner the same way I am not a Whovian but I enjoy Doctor Who. I am not a fangirl but I can still appreciate their music (especially Made in the A.M) but I do not identify as a Directioner.

Earlier I saw the newest music video by the four young lads called History. This is an adorable song that has a lot of people talking. Just from the lyrics you can tell it’s about them and how even though they are going on a break it won’t be forever. Then the music video came out and made a huge leap in this belief. It goes through all the stages of the boys musical journey from their auditions on the X Factor to their most recent performance. It shows a lot of behind the scenes moments and stuff that just shows off their personalities and how good friends they are to each other.

Back when I used to watch the X Factor I loved One Direction. I was a huge fangirl but obviously this died down throughout the years. Watching the auditions in the music video brought the memories back and it’s crazy to think how long ago that was. It’s also crazy to see how far the boys have come since then. They always seemed so happy and I guess to the fangirls out there this music video gives the impression of hope that the boys will get back together after their break.

I bashed the music video for Perfect thinking they could have done so much better but this video made up for it. It was a lot of old footage so nothing really new but seeing the boys together enjoying life was so nice to see especially with the amount of stuff that has happened recently. It’s mad to see how the boys have changed through the years.

I guess this video is a nice bookmark as well. Here’s to their old life of being teenagers and twenty somethings and here’s to their future after the break and hopefully them coming back, doing a good old Take That, and bringing out more music that is just as good or even better than the stuff they are bringing out now.

It’s nice to see how far they’ve come, and with this video, it keeps up the hope that we’ll see so much more in the years to come.

As the boys say: “Don’t let it go, we can make some more, we can live forever.”

Until next time.


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