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January Favourites

For my monthly favourites I thought I’d do something a little different and talk about a lot of different categories but only add in one or two favourites in each. So hopefully this post won’t be too long!


First things first.

Beauty favourites:


My favourites this month have been the Naked 2 and 3 palettes that I got for Christmas. I did a longer post here but these are just so good as they last all day and have amazing pigmentation. The second favourite I have is the Bare Minerals Love At First Kiss gift box which includes 10 lipsticks in a variety of shades! It’s an amazing starter kit for the Bare Minerals lipsticks and these are so moisturising and have a range of colours that would suit anyone! If you want to know more about them I did a longer post here!



My favourite item of clothing has been this top from Primark. It is baby pink with a white lining at the bottom and these beautiful gems on the top. It’s so pretty and girly and I wear this as a casual look or in a more professional setting too. If you want to see it in better detail I did a YouTube haul on all the things I bought from Primark.



My favourite perfume this month has to be Marc Jacob’s Decadence. It is such a strong smell that lasts all day and smells so professional and mature. The look of this perfume is beautiful as well, from the soft box to the perfume it all looks amazing. I love how it looks like a tiny handbag!



My first choice has to be the new series of Pretty Little Liars (season 6B). This second half of the series has opened up a whole new storyline but uses the same old characters we know and love. It’s so interesting to see how the girls are handling adult life as well as all the crazy shenanigans that have always happened to them.

marble hornets

This one’s more of an online series but this was huge when I was in sixth form. Marble Hornets is an online series on YouTube that was inspired by Slenderman. It’s a really interesting series that has hints of the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity in its found footage style.


the sound

I have been loving the 1975’s song The Sound. It is quite similar to what they have done before but is still quite fresh to listen to. I can’t wait to hear the rest of their album when it comes out soon!


Another band that are completely new to me is Photo Finish (link here) a band from Peterborough. I got to meet a couple of the lads from this band due to my flatmate interviewing them for a uni project. They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and their music is really catchy. I recommend listening to Find Her because I love that song but they also have a cover of All Time Low on their website which is pretty awesome.

Random favourites:

A random favourite of mine has to be my TV presenting module at uni. I was lucky to interview the lovely Jessie for it (find her blog here) and I am so thankful for her input!

I’ve also really been loving Malteaster bunnies. I know, I know, it’s not Easter yet but these are so good! I also loved the reindeer ones at Christmas so I definitely recommend these (I would have added a picture of them for you guys but I kind of already ate them..whoops).

These are some of my favourites, what’s yours been this month?

Until next time.

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