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Bomb Cosmetics

For Christmas one of my friends got me a Bomb Cosmetics gift box but sadly it wasn’t delivered until I had already left for university. She left it at my house back home and I was finally able to pick it up this week and I am in love!


I’ve heard of Bomb Cosmetics before but I’ve rarely used their products. This one was called the Vintage Velvet Gift Pack and includes 5 products!


The first item was the Bejewelled Soap. It smells quite fruity and reminds me of a cocktail. It seems so nice and would leave your hands so soft and smelling great!


The next product is the Velvet Underground Bath Blaster. This is adorable and looks like frosting! It has lovely colours hidden within it so I can imagine would make an amazing pattern in the bath. It smells so fresh and would leave you feeling incredibly clean. I can’t wait to use this one!


Another blaster is the Vintage Rosehip Blaster. This is a stunning blue colour and has the lovely rose in the top. It has hints of rose in its scent but also smells so fresh! I can imagine using this would be like swimming in a blue lagoon.


Now this is just adorable! This is the Rosebud Bath Buttercup. It is a little cupcake of freshness that has a small rose in it but sadly mine was turned the wrong way when I took this photo! It seriously looks good enough to eat! (I’m not going to do that though, don’t worry!)


The final item is this Rose Bath Creamer. I’ve used things like this before and this will make your bath the silkiest thing you’ll ever wash in! It’s like bathing in milk it feels amazing! (Not that I’m Cleopatra or anything!). This has bits of rose in it which looks so cute and of course the smell is beautiful!

I can’t wait to use these products and I can’t thank my friend enough for getting them for me!

Have you ever used Bomb Cosmetics? What do you think of them?

Until next time.


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