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A Lush Valentine’s

Recently I popped into my local Lush to check out the Valentine’s range they do. I quite like this years range as it is very vibrant and girly and will definitely leave you feeling gorgeous. I chose three items from their range.

The first thing I picked up was the Prince Charming shower cream. This is a vibrant pink colour and smells of pomegranate and grapefruit with hints of marshmallow and vanilla. Sounds like a weird combination but it works amazingly. It has cocoa butter in it that will help soften your skin and leave you feeling all soft and smooth and ready to find your own Prince Charming.


The actual formula is thicker than normal shower gels as it is a cream. This’ll be much richer than other shower gels and I can imagine will be much more indulgent.


The next product I got was the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. This has amazing colours in it and leaves your bath a beautiful pink. It has a lot of lavender oil in it so would be perfect for an evening bath when you need to unwind. It smells so lovely it’ll definitely help you get a good nights sleep.


The last item got was the Lover Lamp bath bomb. This is a cute white bath bomb with red hearts in it. The hearts are made of a buttery formula so leaves the skin really soft and the bath bomb is infused with fairtrade (!) cocoa butter so smells lovely and chocolatey with hints of orange oil. This is a real treat and will leave you wanting to bathe in a literal pool of chocolate (that’s my want anyway!).


Have you tried any of the Valentine’s Day products? What do you think of them?

Until next time.


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