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Deadpool Review

Spoilers ahead.


For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I decided to go see Deadpool as this movie looked hilarious and something we’d both be into. We definitely weren’t disappointed.

This movie was able to make fun of itself and the film industry without being annoying. The usual ‘opening credits’ were a piss take (excuse the language) and took the mick of all the different areas of making a movie. Within the movie Deadpool talks directly to the audience and breaks the forth wall and the movie/audience dynamic by referencing how he is in a movie countless times. This is refreshing and different but works so well especially with the character of Deadpool himself.

Deadpool is a story that revolves around a man called Wade Wilson who is a mercenary for hire. He falls in love with a young woman over how messed up their lives are and everything seems perfect until he gets cancer. He is approached by a man he calls Agent Smith (brilliant Matrix reference there!) and decides to undergo treatment to get rid of the cancer. In the process he meets Francis who causes the superhero mutation to happen and to Wade’s dismay he ends up covered in cancerous blotches leaving him completely disfigured. It also leaves him invincible. Francis is the only one who can help him become handsome again, or so he thinks. Wade becomes Deadpool who goes hunting for Francis to try and reverse the blotches on his skin and win his girlfriend back again.

Quite a simple storyline really.

The actual movies cuts back and forward in flashbacks making the origin story actually quite interesting to watch (I hate origin stories) because you can connect it to the now. I would describe Deadpool as an anti-superhero, a person that does good deeds but for his own gain. This movie is full of witty references, awful adult jokes and many moments that will keep you entertained.

Even though the movie is nearly two hours long it goes so quickly and every moment is enjoyable. A lot of reviews I had read said it was much more of a ‘mans movie’ because of its many adult jokes and gory (and very realistic) violence but I think this is completely wrong. I went in with high expectations thinking that this movie would be over the top and ridiculous and even though it was both of those things it was never in poor taste or too far in my opinion. I think any adult could enjoy this movie (as long as they understood the other references it makes).

I would definitely recommend this movie. It’s so different to anything else I have seen and honestly I’m already excited for the sequel.

Have you seen Deadpool? What did you think?

By the way, check out the soundtrack, it’s so catchy!

Until next time.


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