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The Gift Review

Spoilers ahead

the gift

This is actually an old movie but I had to write a review about it because it is just so interesting! The Gift came out in 2015 and is a psychological thriller horror. It isn’t your conventional horror movie as it really messes with the audience’s mind, well, in my case it did anyway!

The story follows a couple, Simon and Robyn, who move into a new home in LA and bump into a guy Simon knew at school. The guy, known as Gordo, has a troubled past involving Simon but seems to have forgiven the man. Gordo showers them in gifts, hence the title, but things soon turn sinister. In the end Simon loses his job, his wife and the baby he has wanted for years may not even be his all thanks to Gordo and Simon’s own obsession over his ‘old friend’! It’s a whole rollercoaster of emotions, but, even worse is that we don’t even get a full answer.

The end leaves us hanging and, honestly, I had to google any theories on the ending to see what other people thought. It’s left in the end whether the baby is Simon’s or is Gordo’s. In my opinion, at the time of conception, it’s hard to see how much time’s passed in the little montage but I think the child is Simon’s based on the times and dates.

This film is all about revenge and really blurs the line between who the good and bad characters are. At times we sympathise with Gordo because he is the underdog and has been bullied by Simon in his teenage years as well as his adult life when they re-connect, but, at the same time Simon is a bully and a sympathetic character too. It makes you question what you see and what you should really believe. One of these moments is at the end Gordo is seen with his arm in a sling but when he is happy with his revenge on Simon we see him take this sling off showing that it was all a show.

I love this movie because it has a huge build up. It has only a few jump scares but the growth of the story and the characters is so interesting. It’s a type of movie I have never seen before and really resonates with you after it is over. I found it quite easy to see the arc in the story and how the characters really create their own downfall.

I definitely recommend this movie as it is so interesting and different to a lot of other psychological thrillers. The actor choice is amazing too as you always feel on edge when either Simon or Gordo is on screen.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it?

Until next time.


  1. Yes! I saw this in January or December, it was sooo good!
    I googled as well about the finale, I think the kid is Simon’s.
    I felt bad for the wife because she didn’t have to do with any of this. Simon deserved punishment in my opinion.
    If you like psychological thrillers check also Side Effects with Jude Law. It’s very good!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels


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