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A Lush Mother’s Day

Lush have recently bought out their Mother’s day collection in store until the 6th of March. In this collection they have some interesting bubble bars, bath bombs and shower creams. I knew I had to review them.IMG_3437IMG_3446

The bath bomb that I picked up was the Rose Bombshell that is a pink colour and covered it Roses and little green leaves which is so cute! It smells of rose (obviously) and hidden inside are little yellow flower petals that will float around in the bath giving a really lovely spa feeling. This is a lovely bath bomb and looks so pretty! Perfect for anyone who loves some girly ‘me time’.


The next product I picked up was the Ladybird bubble bar. How cute is this little guy? I swear I am in love. He smells of peppermint which is very different to other things I have seen in Lush before so gives a nice new scent. It’s also so cute! I can’t get over how adorable it is! As it’s a bubble bar it’ll last for at least 3-4 baths depending on how much you use each time which is amazing value for money.


This has to be my favourite product I picked up today! This is the Flowering Tea bubble bar and yes, it is a tea bag! How awesome is that? It even comes with a label and everything so you can turn your bath into a cup of tea! The smell of it reminds me of tea as well which is lovely and it is full of blue cornflowers that float around in the bath with you. I love this product, maybe it’s because I’m British I don’t know but it’s just so cute!


Lastly I picked up the Yummy Mummy shower cream. It is thicker than normal shower gels and the smell is amazing! It’s an incredibly sweet smell and something that would last all day after a morning shower. They also do this scent in one of their massage bars so you’ll have to keep an eye out for that too when this one is taken off the shelves!

What have you tried from Lush recently? What would you recommend?

Until next time.


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