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Stag Review


Stag is a three episode mini series from the BBC. It follows a group of guys who go on a stag holiday hunting in Scotland. Along the way the men slowly get picked off one by one by a mysterious killer. There are many clever and memorable moments within the episodes and the twists and turns along the way keep any audience member glued to the screen and excited for what may happen next.

Stag isn’t just a murder mystery it also incorporates a lot of dark comedy and humour that makes it stand out from other murder mysteries on TV today. Each character has their own quirkiness and interesting factor and each bring something unique and special to the show. My favourite character has to be the Mexican (his nickname, not a name I’ve given him!), the youngest of the group and also the dimmest. His random one liners and inability to understand simple things had me laughing my head off.

“This thing is evil….like the BFG but without the F”

What disappointed me was that as the episodes went along they seemed to lose their humour. Obviously bad and crazy things were happening to these men but the one liners and comparisons etc that the first episode had did dwindle a bit but the storyline was so good I didn’t want to stop watching.

I will be honest, I clicked on this on iPlayer because I recognised one of the actors, Jim Hawick, from Horrible Histories which I absolutely love (sad I know but it’s so good!) it’s great to see him in a proper adult role with nothing held back. He also acts as a central character as he is the first one we meet on our journey and…well, you’ll have to see what happens to him and the others in the end yourself!

I love this series and I hope the BBC make more like this because it was funny, short but stayed interesting and different to what they’ve done before. It is real British humour as well which is always great to see on TV.

Have you seen Stag? What did you think of it?

Trailer below!

Until next time.


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