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Confused by the title of this post? Don’t worry I’m sure a lot of people will be but in this post I will be reviewing The 1975’s new album I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It (now can you imagine if I tried to put that as the title!)


The 1975 released this album at the end of February but as I use Spotify I had to wait until the 11th of March to be able to have a listen (so unfair, I know). This album is very different from their first as it has a lot of deep songs and a lot of 80s vibes too.

The Sound, URGH and Love Me were all released as singles and these all had hints of an 80s theme coming from them. The parallels/homages to David Bowie and then Adam Ant etc in the videos as well was undeniable. I thought the whole album would be like this so I was pleasantly surprised when I found a mix of deep, emotional songs to dance songs to instrumentals.

One song that stood out for me on this album was Please Be Naked. Despite its slightly awkward name it is a beautiful instrumental that can stir up a lot of emotion and feelings in the listener. I know when I listened to it I was pulled back to an old memory that fitted so well with the flow and sound of this particular song.

The songs on this album average out from 4-6 minutes each which is great as well because they’re not too long or too short and you never get that fear of the song you love finishing too quickly.

One song that actually made me cry and still makes me cry to think about is Nana. Nana is clearly about Matt Healey’s Grandma and his relationship with her. With lines such as ‘If I live past 72 I hope I’m half as cool as you’ and ‘I wish you’d walk in again, imagine if you just did, I’d fill you in on the things you missed’ clearly this can bring a tear to anyone’s eye.

I think everyone should listen to this album at least once because there is a song to suit any mood and any person within it. It is a huge jump from their first album and definitely  a jump in the right direction. Be prepared to be sent on an emotional rollercoaster.

What do you think of The 1975’s new album? What’s your favourite song?

Until next time.


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