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Batman v Superman Review

Spoilers ahead.

You must have seen all the ‘professional critics’ slating Batman v Superman and saying it’s not up to par. I love superhero movies. I have seen all the Marvel cinematic universe besides a couple of movies and DC have the best villains in my opinion. I don’t read comic books as I prefer to see the action happening rather than imagine it. I thought I’d give you a bit of backstory to me before I get into the review as it can be very controversial.


Batman v Superman is two and a half hours long and honestly I only enjoyed the last half an hour. The story was very slow and very intricate. The characters were interesting and all had their own little quirks but really, there wasn’t a lot going on.

I understand now why it’s called Batman v Superman and not Superman v Batman – throughout the movie the only guy who has an issue is Batman. Batman is annoyed at Superman for all the destruction he has caused and so wants to steal a rock of kryptonite to try and stop him. The twist is that Lex Luthor has been orchestrating his plan throughout and is hoping that Superman will end up killing Batman.

Obviously, Batman and Superman team up but I find their reasoning a little ridiculous. Batman was hell bent on killing Superman and all of sudden, just because of one thing, he’s now OK with him. This reason is that both their mother’s were/are called Martha! This revolution comes when Batman has the kryptonite in Superman’s face and is stood on his neck. It was a big change in mood from ‘I will kill you’ to ‘let’s be friends’ and I found it too over the top to really believe in.

They then fight Doomsday who is created by Lex Luthor. Doomsday was awesome! He looked so cool (even with the King Kong parallels). This scene was amazing! I found Batman was useless, Superman knew what he wanted to do but found it hard to follow through with but Wonder Woman was brilliant! She was the perfect character and actor and she just blew my mind. I loved how she took charge and really put her all into the battle.

woman woman

This was the only bit I really liked. Everything else was very expositional and there was so much talking! Lex Luthor barely did a thing and when he did it was met with ten minutes worth of dialogue which could have easily not been there! I love the actors, Henry Cavill is obviously amazing since I saw him in Man of Steel. Ben Affleck was actually, in my opinion, a really good Batman and Bruce Wayne and picked up the part from Christian Bale well. Jesse Eisenberg I’m not sure on, yes he can act but can he be Lex Luthor? I’m still to decide.

This movie plants the hype for Justice League and, to be honest, it did it very well and I am quite excited for that movie next year. If you’re a die hard superhero fan go see this movie because I’d love to know your opinion and, if you’re not, try not to fall asleep before the ending!

Until next time.


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