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Racism in Zootopia

Possible spoilers ahead.

Zootropolis is Disney’s newest animated feature that follows a young bunny called Judy becoming a police woman in the city of Zootropolis, a city where predators and prey can live together in peace.


Things start to change when mammals are starting to go ‘savage’. They return to their primitive way of life (as in the predators start going after the prey again). It is up to Judy and her not so willing sidekick Nick the fox to find out what is really happening in this utopian city.

Disneys’ for kids right? Well, I went to see this movie with my 16 year old brother and my grandparents and we all loved it! We jumped at the scary parts (especially my nan which was hilarious!) we laughed (literally) out loud at the funny parts and thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish.

This movie’s main theme is racism and how we shouldn’t judge people on where they come from or who they are. This is a big thing in today’s world and Disney really give out some great lessons for everyone to realise and follow. Due to the use of animals it was easier to connect to this as well because we couldn’t create our own judgements through race or gender. I mean, all rhinos look the same but some may be female and some may be male, who knows?

Having the main character be a woman as well showed how strong female characters can be and what amazing role models they can be to the younger generation. None of this was forced down our throats either and it left you with a feel good warmth in your body when the resolution of the film finally happened.


In this movie the characters are very loveable and very easy to get on with. What I loved was that the good and bad characters were blurred so at the end, one of the characters that you think is a good guy, is actually a big part in what is wrong with Zootropolis. There were also a lot of references to movies and TV shows that adults would enjoy. (I especially loved the reference to Walter and Jesse – keep your eyes peeled for that one!)

Overall, this is a movie that anyone can enjoy. All ages can learn a valuable lesson from this movie and, due to the range of jokes and humour, there is barely a dull moment within it. I also liked the genre being crime because it’s not something kids movies explore much and felt really refreshing and new.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

Until next time.

The more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be – Judy Hoppsย 


  1. I definitely want to watch this film! I really enjoyed reading your review. I love that Disney are tackling topics like racism within their films, it’s great for younger children and hopefully it’ll create a more excepting and diverse culture!
    Lucie xo |


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