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Eddie the Eagle Review

I was born into the wrong generation. I mean this by I know of Eddie the Eagle but never really watched or understood anything he did. However, this movie helped open my eyes to who Eddie Edwards is and how amazing his victories really are.


Eddie Edwards was a man with a dream. He wanted to be an olympic ski jumper and let nothing get in the way of his goal. Even though his father didn’t believe in him and the government of the olympics made it near impossible for him to realise his dreams he still did it. Eddie the Eagle is an inspiration to anyone who wants to do anything. If you really put your heart to it and never give up, it’s entirely possible.

This movie was absolutely stunning. it was a beautifully filmed movie with a lot of tense moments as well as a lot of heartfelt and sweet ones. I won’t lie, I did shed a tear on more than one scene.


Following Eddie from his childhood to his winning (well, not really) moment you really get to know the character and how amazing he is. It makes it all the better knowing that this movie is based on a true story.

Even though I was born in the wrong time to know who he really is it did make me want to research him more. This is one of those movies you have to watch whether you know of Eddie the Eagle or not. It has a wonderful cast, some truly hilarious moments and a lot of love to give. It’s a real pick me up.

Have you seen Eddie the Eagle?

Until next time.


  1. Hey Shona I was in my twenties when Eddie The Eagle was headline news and this heartwarming review took me back to that time. The time of Madonna, Kylie, and Rick Astley when Stock, Atiken, Waterman were our generation’s X-Faxtor. Your excellent, well written post, brought back a lot of memories.


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