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Clifton Photography

About a week ago my boyfriend and I took a trip to Clifton Photography to have a full blown glamour shoot together. My boyfriend bought me this for Valentine’s Day and it truly was a wonderful day out.

Clifton photography is a photo studio in Bristol that gives you the whole photoshoot experience. We started our day there by unlimited bucks fizz, tea, coffee and whatever else you wanted to drink. We both got to fill out forms on how we’d like our looks to be in the photoshoot.

They then started on the makeup and hair (well on me!) I chose a natural smokey eye and loose curls. We then got to go into the photography studio and have our photos taken! We took three outfits with us so each one had a ‘theme’. The photographer had a load of props and set ups in the studio to work with so all the images were unique and looked amazing!

After the photoshoot we got to see the images edited in different filters and ways. We chose six that we loved and got to take them home on a USB stick for safe keeping. We also got a copyright agreement which meant we could fiddle with the images and distribute them as we pleased. This’ll be great news for my nan, I know she’d love one on her mantlepiece!

Overall it was a wonderful day and a great experience. It was my boyfriend’s first time having a photoshoot too and he thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here are the images (sorry for the soppy cuteness but I love them so much!)


Until next time!


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