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A Cult Classic

Spoiler free!

Shaun of the Dead, a film at least every British person should have seen (at least once by now!). I had to watch this movie a ridiculous amount of times to review it for my media class so I know this movie’s ins and out more than I’d like to admit.

shaun of the dead

Shaun of the Dead is the first of the Cornetto trilogy by Edgar Wright. It follows the main character Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his best friend Ed (Nick Frost) as they battle their way through a zombie outbreak that sees the unlikely heroes head to their favourite pub, the Winchester, to try and see it through until it ends.

Clearly this movie is a parody of a lot of other zombie movies that also stands alone with its own merits and quirky moments. Being a horror-comedy it has a lot of different types of humour. From actual jokes there are also jokes that are caused by the use of audio and visual aids. This includes, one of my favourite scenes, where Shaun, Ed and Shaun’s kinda girlfriend Liz beat a zombie up using pool cues to the song Don’t Stop Me Now.

shaun of the dead 2

Being a full on British original film it has a lot of hilarious moments as well as moments that the audience may be able to connect to. The smaller storylines including Shaun and Liz’s relationship and Shaun’s relationship with his stepfather are all very interesting especially when it cuts between dream like sequences and real life.

If you haven’t seen this movie where have you been?! It’s a classic and I could easily watch it over and over without getting bored. The pairing of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg is a classic like Ant and Dec and they are an amazing comedy duo. Edgar Wright’s direction of the movie as well is brilliant and it is definitely a movie you have to watch more than once to see the foreshadowing and small moments you may have missed the first time. Even now there are moments and little things I notice that I haven’t seen before.

If you want a comedy-horror that uses a good ratio of blood and gore to hilarious gags then this is the movie for you.

What do you think of Shaun of the Dead?

shaun of the dead 3

Until next time!


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