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A Pub Crawl…With A Twist

Possible Spoilers – Talk of the ending without giving away what happens. 

For my final review of the Cornetto trilogy it is The World’s End. If you’re confused, the Cornetto trilogy is called that because in each movie there is a reference to a Cornetto that fits into the movie. The World’s End is probably the one I like the least simply because of the ending.

the world's end

The World’s End follows 5 friends who try to complete a pub crawl in their adulthood as they couldn’t complete it in their teenage years. These men have all changed from their teenage personalities and haven’t seen each other in a while so the chemistry and atmosphere between the characters adds an interesting dynamic to this story. Things take a turn however when they realise their town has been overrun by aliens and their pub crawl gets interrupted by them fighting for their lives.

Of course it stars Simon Pegg as the main character and Nick Frost as his friend but also includes many other great actors including Martin Freeman. The movie includes a lot of moments that the audience have enjoyed from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz as well as new gags and jokes that really add to the feel of the movie. It’s interesting to follow these characters and see how they change and grow throughout the movie.

the world's end 2

What I didn’t like was the ending. I didn’t think it would end that way and felt a little anti-climactic and almost boring. There was so much invested into the story that for it to end the way it did seemed like a bit of a cop out and a bit rushed.

It was an interesting movie though if you ignore that. It was really fun getting to know the characters ins and outs and see how they grow and change as a group and individuals. Of course Edgar Wright creates an amazing movie and something that is believable for people who can relate to the characters and the journey they go down with the pub crawl as well as adding the twist of the sci-fi excitement.

Have you seen The World’s End?

Until next time.


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