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Doctor Who Companion

On Saturday we met the new Doctor Who companion. Bill played by Pearl Mackie. Bill is a young woman with a lot of excitement within her who likes to question everything as we have seen from the reveal. In the reveal they are battling Daleks and Bill can’t help but ask the Doctor who, what and why the Daleks are. It is clear in the clip that the Doctor is happy to humour her questions but at the same time answers them quickly as he has no time to give an in-depth answer in their current situation.


In my opinion, on first watch of the reveal, I didn’t like her. I found her trying to be funny but mainly a bit dim and stupid. She didn’t really help in the clip either and almost seemed like a burden.

On a second viewing I found I had a lot of questions about this character rather than just hating her. Questions like:

Where did she come from?

Why does she have so many questions if she is with the Doctor? Unless this is a first meeting or something it seems strange she is still asking all these questions. And finally who is she? She seems quite interesting and with a name like Bill (many believe short for Billy) she seems quirky and probably has an interesting back story.

I’m willing to give this new companion a chance. I am glad there is a new one as I felt like Clara had run her course and was getting a little boring. Hopefully Doctor Who is now on the up!

Did you see my very honest review of the last series here?

What do you think of the new companion?

Until next time.

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