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Captain America: Civil War Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know that Civil War has been one of the most hyped-up movies of 2016! Everyone and their mum’s have been talking about it and I finally got to see it on the weekend and I…was actually…pretty disappointed.

civil war2

Civil War is a story about how Iron Man and Captain America have differing views on how the Avengers should work. Iron Man believes it is only right to have the government keep an eye on what the Avengers get up to while Captain America clearly disagrees. Captain America finds his old friend Bucky ‘the Winter Soldier’ again and this leads into a whole series of events where Bucky is on the run for something Cap believes he did not do. Much more happens but this is what really starts up the Civil War.

As this is more of an Avengers movie than a Captain America movie the audience get the delight of seeing their favourite superheroes back together again (minus Thor and Hulk). Of course most of these we have seen together before but the inclusion of Ant Man was amazing and really added a light comedy to the proceedings. The new Spiderman makes his first appearance as well and I personally loved him. The actor finally seemed to be the right age for Spiderman and his humour and the way he delivered his lines was so fresh and funny I really enjoyed his screen time and look forward to Spiderman Homecoming.

The characters I loved yes, besides Martin Freeman’s attempt at an american accent. What was that?! Please never try to do that again! Thank you. However, as the story goes, it was a bit..meh. There was a lot of plot and not a lot of Iron Man vs Captain America moments. I found Cap’s argument didn’t have a solid structure and if they just listened to each other none of what happened really had to happen. The ending was rushed and didn’t really tie any loose ends and it just felt a bit flat. The fight scene between all the Avengers was probably the best part.

I also found fault with it the same way I did with Batman v Superman. There wasn’t much fighting between the characters that had been so hyped. Judging from the poster below you can tell everyone was talking ‘team iron man’ or ‘team cap’ but in the movie there wasn’t much of this. It also dragged…a lot. Everything had its place and was important to the overall storyline but it was so long I did end up getting very bored.

civil war

I don’t know whether I didn’t like the hype or whether I didn’t like the movie. I think if there wasn’t as much hype it would have been a much better experience but, for what the audience had been promised, it just didn’t live up to the standards. I would much prefer to watch one of the earlier Avengers movies rather than this one.

What did you think of Civil War?

Until next time.

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