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The Secret

The Secret is a four episode mini series on ITV that tells the true story of Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan who killed their other halves so they could be together. It as an incredibly hard hitting series with amazing acting, a gripping story and it all makes it so much worse when you know it was all real.

Of course moments are fabricated and there are parts which may not be as honest as the real story but the overall issue and story is there. The two main characters are incredibly religious and, especially Colin, believe that God wants them to be together. In 1991 they kill their other halves with carbon monoxide poisoning and make it look like a suicide. They then go on together for a number of years before breaking off as the guilt overwhelms Hazel. They start new lives but it soon catches up to them in 2009 when Colin confesses what he has done to the police. Hazel and Colin are currently serving life sentences for their crimes.

I found the show incredibly gripping and interesting. To know why people do these sorts of crimes always adds so much more to the crime itself. I found Colin incredibly controlling and I felt Hazel grew up happier when she was free from this man. Of course Hazel has to confess her crime too but I did think Colin had more of a say on the murders. From how the series progresses you can see Hazel feels like she has gotten away with it and is better now but, of course, that isn’t always the case. Colin’s life however isn’t as happy. He spirals into sadness when his son dies but still believes God will forgive him for what he has done. Is he faithful or delusional? It’s hard to comment due to my lack of faith in any God but committing an ultimate sin doesn’t mean God will forgive you because you repent, but of course, that is what Colin believes.

If you haven’t seen this series you should definitely watch it. It has a bit of a slow burn with highs and lows but the overall story is crazy and so interesting I had to Google the true story as soon as I had finished the series.

Have you seen The Secret? What did you think?

Until next time.

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