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Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow recently completed their first series and I was hooked! I have never seen Arrow or the Flash but that didn’t really matter when watching this. Even though the characters are from the shows they go into their own timelines in this so, even though my boyfriend could keep me up with what’s happening in the other shows, the knowledge wasn’t needed to understand the story.

The series follows eight unlikely heroes that travel with their commander Rip forwards and backwards in time. As seen in the trailer, Rip wants to save his family and the world from a tyrant named Vandal Savage. The team are chosen because of their minuscule contributions towards society, ironically making them the perfect team to save the planet.

Comprised of an unlikely combination of scientists, thieves, assassins, two immortal ancient Egyptians and a random mechanic, they set out to change the timeline and ultimately prevent Savages rise to power.Even if you aren’t a fan of Arrow or Flash (like I’m not) I’d still recommend you checking the series out as it is so interesting!

What I loved was the dynamics between the characters and how they change and grow throughout the series. There are also some very interesting twists and moments that you never see coming and when they do, they hit you right in the face! The series has just ended so have fun binge watching!

Have you seen Legends of Tomorrow?

Until next time.


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