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Secret Life of the Human Pups

I always have a hard time reviewing these sorts of documentaries. It is obvious that these were created to bring people an insight into a different perspective on life but really all it’s going to do is make the person being talked about made into a laughing stock. Just having a quick scroll through Twitter shows a lot of peoples’ disgust at what they have witnessed.


Human Pups is a documentary on Channel 4 about men who enjoy dressing up and being treated like dogs. They have owners, like a master, who takes care of them and they basically live parts of their lives as a puppy. Yes, these people have normal jobs and yes, if you walked past them on the street you’d probably think they were ‘normal’ people. But what is normal anyway? One thing I noticed from this documentary was the contest at the end to find the puppy of the year. Spot, a British pup clearly cared about what he did and when he didn’t win you could see the sadness and disappointment on his face. He also had a proper dog suit that looked like a dalmatian while a lot of the other contestants had more of a BDSM look going for them. Clearly this was what the judges were looking for but Spot seemed to be more in a puppy mind set than the rest of the contestants that almost just liked something that was a bit freaky.

Human Pups

I think these documentaries are sad because people are going to ridicule these lifestyles when the people in the documentaries just want to show people a different way of living. It’s an odd feeling and to be honest, I don’t know how to take it. I think if these people enjoy what they do and it’s not hurting anyone else why stop them? I love watching gaming videos on YouTube and some people find that weird. These people like a bit of escapism from their human issues so what’s really different? They’re both forms of escapism just at different ends of the spectrum.

What did you think of Human Pups?

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  1. I didn’t actually watch the documentary as I felt sort of the same – all of the programmes like this seem designed to create a sensationalist reaction from the audience. And what else can we expect? They’re always about topics that your average ‘normal’ person has no experience of, or real understanding about. Through our collective ignorance it’s all too easy to label these people freaks, simply because we can’t relate to them or their lifestyle choices.

    I like how you’ve chosen not to get involved in that aspect of it – it would’ve been an easy shot!

    One thing I would say is that the programme featured on Gogglebox, and whilst everyone was a bit confused, shall we say, at first, the end was quite heartwarming. When Spot entered the competition pretty much everyone was cheering him on and seemed genuinely disappointed and sad for him that he didn’t win. It’s a sort of lovely depiction of human nature and our collective national spirit (whether it’s a good thing or not!) – it sort of felt like they went, okay, he’s a freak. But he’s our freak, and he’s not as weird as the other freaks around him!

    I’m not quite sure how to say what I mean, but I hope that made sense and you sort of know what I’m getting at!

    Great blog, thank you for sharing your link with me 🙂

    Rebecca xx


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