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Bodyform recently came out with a new advert entitled ‘Blood’. Blood shows many different women doing bloody things such as sport, dancing, and even riding into battle. The aim of the advert is to show that blood, of any form, shouldn’t hold us back and is a part of us. I think it’s an incredibly empowering video with a great message about self-worth and confidence.


Bodyform is known for their use of the ‘blue liquid’ basically a blue, most likely CGI liquid that is used to show how absorbent their products are. If you don’t know what Bodyform is it’s basically a sanitary towel for when you’re on your period. However, with this advert, it seems Bodyform have moved away from their sensitive way of showing their products and decided to go for something a little more punchy. This advert shows barely any (maybe a second) of blood on a sanitary towel and instead shows different kinds of blood, for example, in the boxing ring (like above) or dancer’s feet who do ballet. It’s different from other conventional adverts as they usually show women dancing around in white underwear without a care in the world (or cramps non the less!). This advert is a complete 180 spin on that as it shows women, yes doing activities and not letting their periods get in the way, but also showing how badass we can all be and that we’re not all pretty, skinny, blondes who like to dance around in pretty outfits (Tampax I’m looking at you!)


If you haven’t seen this advert you should definitely watch it as, at times, it is hard to look at the pain we go through to do the things we love and enjoy but at the same time shows us how strong we are. Just because we have a pain every month doesn’t mean we should let it hold us back and we should really almost be proud of it as it shows how strong we are that we can handle the week of cramps and emotional madness (with thanks to a hot water bottle and our favourite chocolate bar of course).

Have you seen the advert? What do you think?

Until next time.


  1. Well that was freaking awesome!

    I completely agree that we need to get rid of the floaty, wishy-washy ads that try to make out like periods are cutesy, momentary things…

    All this wearing white shorts and dancing in the sunshine nonsense doesn’t make me believe in their product whereas this ad does. Very cool and very powerful. Kudos Bodyform.


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  2. Rad! I hadn’t seen or heard about this until this post – thank you for sharing it! I LOVE this ad. Particularly how it presents the idea that we shouldn’t let periods stop us from doing what we love, without doing so in a way that feels unrealistic! I also love the range of awesome, strong ladies in it too. Crippling cramps are usually what stop me in my tracks, but the period itself hasn’t ever stopped me from getting on track for Derby 🙂


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