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The Forest

The Forest is a recent horror film staring Natalie Dormer and is based off of a real life ‘suicide forest’ in Japan called Aokigahara Forest. Sara (the main character) goes on search for her missing twin sister (also played by Dormer) in this forest when things start to get weird. This was a movie with a lot of potential that just really fell short.

What I found with this movie is that Japanese horrors are so good so when an American movie is set in Japan, bars are raised. The scares were a bit expected and most were during dream sequences so had no real depth to them at all. Natalie Dormer also played both characters and I thought the characters weren’t different enough to distinguish between (besides the change of hair colour) and in certain scenes I did get confused between them.

This movie did look quite pretty at the beginning but that was lost as it continued and the film was just riddled with cliches, even cliches to do with Japan and its culture. This film was also only around 90 minutes long which I felt was quite short and definitely made the ending feel incredibly rushed. They tied all the ends together in a very anti-climatic way during the finale and the last jump scare before the credits was incredibly cliche and really added nothing to the movie besides trying to scare the audience into remembering the movie after they had finished watching it.

The scene that featured the image above was probably one of the scariest scenes but even that became very repetitive and didn’t really add much to the story besides showing how Sara was losing her mind.

If you’re looking for a new horror movie to watch don’t bother with this one. Horror movies are usually some of my favourites but this just fell flat and added nothing to the genre.

What did you think of The Forest? Until next time.

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