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Lights Out Trailer

Lights Out started as a short viral video in 2013 about a monster that you can only see when the lights go out. This monster can manipulate your lights to turn them off and basically kill you. It brings together all the common horror themes, darkness, monsters and the audiences’ fears.

Now James Wan, the seemingly king of horror, is directing a feature length film with what seems to be the exact same premise. This monster, known as Diana, seems to be close to some of the family members which adds a new twist into the story. It of course features all of the normal horror cliches including jump scares, dark houses and creepy monsters. The jump scares especially got me in this trailer as I find the dark horrifying.

I’m intrigued by this horror film as I have enjoyed James’ other films. Knowing it started out as a viral video as well adds a new dimension to it and the questions: where will they take the story? What more could they add? The story from the short horror is very simple and effective with not a lot of backstory to the characters’ shown so how will the story hold up when all that is included too?

What bugs me but was kind of explained in the trailer was, why don’t they just keep the lights on? Or leave? If I knew there was a darkness demon in my house I’d be out of there quicker than Usain Bolt. What’s good however, is that if the trailer has given me this many questions already, I will definitely have to go to see the movie to see if they’re answered.

What do you think of Lights Out? Will you see it?

Until next time.

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