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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is out in the UK and has already caused controversy. The NSPCC have stated their concerns over the safety of young children playing the game alone. But then again, why would any adult allow their child out on their own just to play a mobile game?

If you don’t know, Pokemon Go is a mobile game where you wander around in real life as a Pokemon trainer, finding Pokemon. It’s a very interesting game that uses your location to place Pokemon around you and is incredibly immersive. The problem people are finding is that you have to go outside to play a game (shock horror!) and because of this people can take advantage.

There’s been a bunch of robberies in America thanks to people targeting places full of Pokemon and jumping the people who are playing it and, of course, people are now frightened for the children who will be playing the game alone. But why would you allow your child to play the game alone?

When I was younger we’d always go out as a group. We knew the old ‘stranger danger’ rule and we always let our parents’ know where we were. But then again, why can’t the parents go out with their kids? Take the dog out while they’re hunting, go for a nice stroll and just spend time with your kids. Another point is people are saying the game is more for adults than kids because they grew up with the originals.

I think it’s good kids and adults alike are getting out and playing games and exercising at the same time, but, I think we all need to find some common sense.

  1. Don’t send your kids out alone.
  2. Always keep in contact with them so you know where they are.

And, to be honest, if your kid is young enough to be a worry for the game why do they have a smart phone at that age already?!

What do you think of Pokemon Go?

Until next time.


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