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Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been out for about a week in the UK and I have been able to have a proper play of it during this time. I commented on other peoples’ reactions to the game here but now I wanted to share my thoughts on the actual game.


Pokemon Go is a great game. It gets people out and about and exercising and actually helps people make like-minded friends. Its graphics are amazing and, even though it is still a little buggy, when it works it works wonderfully. Mainly I’ve seen people complaining about how yes, it gets people out of the house, but they are still glued to their phones. Isn’t that a good step in the right direction though? Instead of playing video games on their TVs, ruining their eyesight and denying them some vitamin D, they are actually out and about having fun and getting fresh air.

I find the game also helps you explore and find new places. The inclusion of little facts about the Pokestops (landmarks where you can collect items, usually found in historic buildings or interesting places), things I didn’t even know about even though I have lived here since I was young, is amazing and really helps people learn about their local community and the things their town may have accomplished.

One thing I love about this game is that when you are gifted an egg, you have to walk a certain number of kilometres to hatch it. This can be between 2km and 10km. Knowing that we are meant to walk at least 10,000 steps a day this really helps you achieve that goal and you get a little prize, a Pokemon, for doing it.

I think the issue with people who don’t like the game is that they don’t play it. They don’t understand that the change from children playing indoors to children playing outdoors is going to have to be a slow process and this could easily be a turning point to children playing outside again. It brings so many people together and is just a great game to play, especially in the sun we are having right now. Anyone who is skeptical should play it just for a day or two and maybe it’ll sway their opinion.

What do you think of Pokemon Go?

Until next time.


  1. I’m a fan of anything that gets people moving around! It’s also a fun reminder of the original game boy game and has made me want to find that!


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