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Justice League Trailer Review – Comic Con

Comic Con weekend bought about some amazing new movies and this is just one of them. Justice League was on everyones’ minds after Batman v Superman and to see it come together in a trailer is just awesome. I am honestly so excited for this movie, but, that doesn’t mean I don’t have worries.


The easiest thing to do is compare this movie to The Avengers as they are, really, apposing superhero franchises. The Avengers has always been fun, it’s always been a bit family-friendly and something you can watch and just enjoy. Watching the trailer for Justice League it’s easy to tell that this movie will be fun as well, I mean the quick anecdotes are so well timed and brilliant, but at the same time it has a grittiness to it. I always find with these movies by this director they’re always very gritty. A very dark and grey palette of colours is used and even with the Flash’s redness and Cyborg’s red eye it still seems quite muted and dark. I’m not saying this is a bad thing as it is a nice contrast to the Marvel family fun but I think it does show that even though this movie is fun and clever it is also going to be quite dark.

A worry I have for this movie is that it is being directed by Zach Snyder. Zach has done amazing films like 300 and Legends of the Guardians but I found Man of Steel and Batman v Superman to be too dark, too heavy and just a little bit boring. Especially with Batman v Superman, I felt the story dragged on too much and there wasn’t enough of it (read my more in-depth review here). This is why I worry for this film. I want it to be good, I want to enjoy it but I worry, because of the director’s past, I won’t.


Hopefully in the future we will get more trailers that will focus on more of the characters. We have obviously been introduced to Batman and Wonder Woman before and this gave us insight into The Flash but what about Cyborg and Aquaman? I’d love to know more about them too before the movie’s release. I have to say though, Aquaman has definitely stolen my heart.

What do you think of the Justice League trailer?

Until next time.


  1. I am very excited for this, but I still haven’t seen Batman v. Superman yet…I like the whole friendship thingy between Bruce and Wonder Woman in the trailer. Jason Momoa as Aquaman is like the hottest thing ever! Well, Henry Cavil as Superman but that’s besides the point! Lol

    The only problem I have of the whole film is the fact that somebody else is playing The Flash. I don’t even watch the CW show but I still want to see these people playing these characters playing them in the films and same goes for the movie stars in the TV show. Is that confusing?!


    • That makes sense. I think it’ll be interesting to see how he plays the flash though – might make a good comparison post! It’s the same for all people playing new things, like Christian bale’s batman compared to Ben affleck. We’ll have to see it to really find out what they’re like!

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      • Knowing the Batman v. Superman is out on DVD and yes, everybody comparing Christian and Ben, I still have good feelings about Ben. I mean, he looks badass! He’s what I think of Batman should look like. He has a bit of a mysterious look plus he is older.


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