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Suicide Squad Trailer Review

Wait, which trailer are we on? I swear this movie wins for the most amount of trailers and hype ever! Comic Con dropped a new, and most likely last, Suicide Squad trailer and it looks amazing! This trailer was just for fun, it shows off the film of course, but, all together it’s just fun. Putting the visuals to the music, it’s so simple but so effective, and clearly if they’ve enjoyed making the trailer the audience is going to enjoy watching it.


I am so excited for this movie! It has a great cast, a great team behind it that makes it look so good and, apparently, a great soundtrack too. We’ve seen so much of this movie through the trailers but, amazingly, the production team have still been able to keep the overall story very, very well hidden. Little snippets are coming forward but the overall point of the movie? No clue at all. That just adds to the hype though, it makes us want to go see the movie just to see what it’s really all about.

I do worry for this though, a trailer can be fun, a trailer only really shows the best bits so what about all the bits in between? The duller parts? The building up the backstory and over-talkative parts? I worry that this movie has been so hyped up that when we actually go see it, there will be boring moments and of course, they’re not going to add this into the trailer are they? I hope it holds up, I really do because I am honestly really looking forward to it.


Another part that worries me is Jared Leto. In the trailers they have barely shown him, they’ve shown parts but they haven’t let us get too close. Like he’s the big guy, he’s the bit that’s going to hold the show together and I worry he won’t. The Joker is a big role to play and, even though I don’t doubt Jared can play him, I just worry that his version won’t be as good as the versions we have seen previously. This Joker, to me, seems too fancy. Too big bucks and wrong. His crazy hasn’t come out yet and honestly, I hope that’s what they’re hiding from us so when we go see the movie we can really see what the Joker is made of.

What do you think of the Suicide Squad?

Until next time.

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