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Sherlock Series 4 Teaser

Well, I think we’ve waited long enough. The Sherlock series 4 teaser is here and, it’s very short and very well done. It gives nothing away, it implies so much and all I can say is…wow.


Sherlock last left off with a crazy cliffhanger surrounding Moriarty and whether he truly did die that day on the roof. I mean, Sherlock survived that day on the roof so why couldn’t he? Obviously there’s speculation surrounding that but I don’t feel that was the main, main focus of the trailer. What I noticed was that the locations had changed. It seems the BBC upped their budget because Sherlock was definitely in a lot more exotic countries. Taking inspiration from James Bond are we? It was also good to see the same old faces back, especially John Watson’s wife and Mrs Hudson.

One part of the trailer everyone is going crazy over is Sherlock’s worried looks and the supposed death of John Watson in the exploding car. I’ll be honest, I am completely blind to anything that’s been happening in the Sherlock sphere so maybe there were hints that Watson dies but I honestly do not know. One thing that strikes me was that Sherlock did look so much more haggard and tired in this series compared to the others which makes me think that the person he is fighting against this time is a much harder opponent for the detective.


We’re not going to get to see this series until next year which does suck but also means we can re-watch all the other episodes (not like we haven’t already) and scroll through endless posts and theories over what is really going to happen.

What do you think of Sherlock’s teaser?

Until next time.

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