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Doctor Strange Trailer Review

Doctor Strange’s second trailer recently came out and this one blows the first one out the water. This one really shows you the bulk of the movie and how amazing and crazy it’s all going to be. The effects are insane, but does that mean that the effects are going to overtake the story?


What I worry about with these sorts of movies is that the effects are so good and have taken up so much time to get perfect that the actual story will suffer. This movie looks like it could be incredibly fun and really amaze the audience that goes to see it but they’re really trying to get audience’s in with the effects and not the actual story. Clearly Doctor Strange is a doctor that goes off and finds out about these mystic powers and becomes magical. He fights the bad guy and the rest is, well mainly, superhero cliches.

But, this movie stands apart from other superhero movies because it is very visually different. I don’t doubt the story won’t be similar to others, the old origin story and fighting the big boss at the end but the way it looks is just so unreal to other things that I have seen before. Benedict Cumberbatch seems like the perfect guy to play this role as well as he has that sort of mystic air around him.


Honestly, I wasn’t hyped for this movie after seeing the first trailer. I felt the first trailer was trying too hard to be clever and mysterious and it didn’t work. However, this trailer has actually really sparked my interest and I’d be amazed in myself if I did not go and see this movie.

What do you think of the Doctor Strange trailer?

Until next time.

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