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Piper Review

Piper is the newest short film that accompanies Finding Dory. Piper is the cutest little animation of this year and you have to see this short because it is adorable and very well done.


Piper tells the story of a little sandpiper, a shorebird, learning to find its own food with its mum. Piper takes a few blows as they learn that the sea is not a good place to get caught up in. They meet a little snail and notice they bury themselves under the sand when the sea reaches the shore. Piper follows and enters a whole new world under the water where they see the food their family has been searching for. Piper overcomes their fear of the sea and collects a bucketload of food for its family. I told you the story was adorable.

The moral of this story is pretty clear. You shouldn’t run away from things that scare you but instead embrace them as it could open up a whole new exciting world for you. It’s not good to stick to your comfort zone as you never learn or find anything new.


One thing I have to comment on in this short is the animation. It is absolutely stunning. It is obvious to tell that Piper and the other birds aren’t real as they are very personified. A lot of their movements and the way they act together are ways that normal birds would not act but the way they are animated is beautiful. As it is set on the beach the sea can be hard to animate, but this one looks amazing. I found it hard to tell that, that wasn’t real water and it was created on a computer. This short really shows how far we have come in creating such beautiful animations that look so real!

Have you seen Piper? What do you think of the short?

Until next time.

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