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Suicide Squad Review 

Possibly the most hyped up movie of 2016 got some terrible reviews from the critics. Of course, the audience wanted to go watch it and prove it wasn’t as bad as they thought, I was exactly the same. However, watching this movie, I have to say…it did kind of suck.


It follows the Suicide Squad, brought together by the government, after a witch called Enchantress brings back her dead brother and tries to destroy the world. The squad is mainly bad guys controlled by Amanda Waller, who has the option to kill the squad at the press of a button if needed. They’re promised that if they succeed they get years off their sentence or otherwise they’ll die. While you may think the Joker was part of the squad, be surprisingly mistaken because he had his own stuff going on trying to save Harley Quinn, a different storyline entirely.

The issue with this movie was that it was kind of bland. Enchantress was not the villain I was expecting and the suspense of seeing the Joker was not worth it as he was hardly in it at all and added nothing to the overall story! There were a lot of thrown in one liners that didn’t really fit with the dialogue and the editing, at times, was quite clunky. The constant flashbacks as well really just added storylines that would have been so much more interesting as stand alone movies instead of ten minute snippets in this one.

But then, of course, the main point of the Suicide Squad is the characters. Sadly, I have to report that almost all of them were wasted. Harley Quinn and Deadshot were the only two who had any development and the audience really got to know. I must say Will Smith shined in this role. The rest were a bit meh. Killer Croc was just, kind of, there. Boomerang had a few good one liners but was a bit thrown off to the side. He seemed to have potential but had no time to show it off. Katana had basically no lines and was just there to add a different element to the squad and El Diablo, well, with him they tried to add a tragic backstory and also showed how he didn’t want to use his powers which was nice. He was a different breed of villain who actually felt bad for what they had done instead of just carrying on being evil. Then there was Slipknot…wonder why Slipknot wasn’t in any trailers? Well that’s because he’s killed off within ten minutes of being introduced. What. A. Waste.

And finally, we come onto the Joker. Oh Jared Leto. He had potential, he could have been good, but it was robbed from him. Not only did a lot of his scenes get cut, in the main story, I believe he was only in a few scenes (maybe 3 or 4) which was a complete cop-out with the amount of hype that was surrounding him and his character. He was different to other Jokers, a glam playboy with tattoos and grills, and I didn’t hate it. I thought he was intriguing and his relationship with Harley Quinn was really interesting it just didn’t get enough screen time. Honestly, you could have taken the Joker out of this movie completely and, besides one scene, it would have made no difference.

Batman was basically the same. He sets up Deadshot, then does the after credit scene for Justice League and done. What was the point? Oh yeah, to show him in the trailer to make sure audiences come to watch.

In case you can’t tell, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this movie. The actors and characters were spot on but it just didn’t reach its full potential. I’d love to see more movies with these characters because they were what made the movie. Maybe just add the Joker in a bit more eh?

What’d you think of Suicide Squad?

Until next time.


  1. I wanted to love this film so much but like you i came out so disappointed.
    so many horrible lines about them all of a sudden being friends at the end and the lack of development of most of the characters made me so angry.

    plot line was so dull which i think is down to this all happening over the space of one day meaning that we don’t get any time for the characters to grow in the storey at all. I think the actors did a great job with the little they had but the writers failed hem completely. I read somewhere they only spend 6 weeks writing the script (I’m not sure how factual that is) which doesn’t surprise me from the film i saw.

    I definitely agree that it would be better to give most of not all of them their own back story films first and this would have been a much better film as we would have been more invested in them this time.



    • Brilliant insight into the movie. It is a shame they had so many great resources yet couldn’t muster up an above-average film. Six weeks on the script is no time at all, especially for a two hour movie that they must have known the audience would be hyped to see. Thanks for the comment.


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