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Purge: Election Year Review

Purge: Election Year is the third movie in the Purge series. The first movie was incredibly anticlimactic, the second was a thrill ride that I could not get enough of, and this one, well it kind of combined the two. Even though we still got to go onto the streets of the purge it lost its excitement and cleverness from the second movie and instead made it way too political.


Purge: Election Year follows the story of Charlie, a girl whose family was killed in the purge, as she runs for president to try and eliminate the purge completely. She is head to head with members of the new world order who believe the purge should stay. Because they feel threatened, they open up on purge night the option to kill politicians so they can kill her and not get in trouble. However, this also opens up the option for them to be killed too. As they hunt after Charlie, a group of anti-purgers are after them to try and put an end to the purge. As well as this main story, another smaller story is happening where a man loses his purge insurance as they have put the cost up before purge night and he spends the night at his shop defending it from purgers until his world collides with Charlie’s.

Even though the movie was good because we had the different levels of class and the social system that made the second movie so interesting. And again, we, as the audience can see how badly the poorer people are treated, especially Joe with his purge insurance, the thing it lost however, was the characters. Leo was back again this time as a bodyguard for the senator which was nice to have that familiarity from the second movie but the other characters were a bit odd. They were almost parodies of themselves. At one point, a bunch of teenage girls are purging just because Joe wouldn’t give them a chocolate bar. Right? Even though maybe that is something that would happen in the purge it just seems so absurd. Another character is a woman who used to fight crime but now goes out to help the wounded. This character is pretty awesome but her reasoning and goal are never really explained, and I only found out she ran an ambulance business from the wounded people in her van.


This movie’s message is too on the nose. Politicians are bad and killing people is wrong. The whole point of the movie is to get Charlie into office, which she obviously does because otherwise there’d be no point to the movie. She also wants to stop the people wanting to kill her opposition. Don’t become like them! This is what they want! At least in the second movie there was some subtlety to the messages within the movie. With this, there weren’t really any. People are hinting at a fourth purge but honestly I think these have run their course. The second was definitely the highlight of the bunch and even though this one was enjoyable, it just didn’t compare.

What did you think of The Purge: Election Year?

Until next time.


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