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Ocean’s Ocho Review

Ocean’s Ocho is a spinoff movie from Ocean’s Eleven. Everyone knows that Ocean’s Eleven is a male dominated cast featuring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Of course, thanks to the success of the new Ghostbusters and other female dominated movies, the spinoff had to be an all female cast. I mean, that’s the newest thing right now right? Make an all male cast movie do a 180. As you can see I’m not huge on this idea, not because I don’t think we should have female dominated films, just because I don’t see why to make these films they have to be connected to male dominated films.


The new spinoff movie will star Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter and Mindy Kaling among others. This is a very interesting cast as all the women have special traits and personalities on screen and are very strong women. This’ll be a movie that will top all female-badass movie lists. It’s also an all star cast so, of course, people are going to watch it. Now, I’ve never seen any Ocean movie but I had to talk about this one because, even though it sounds like an amazing film idea, why does it have to branch from a male film franchise? Of course women can enjoy the Ocean’s movies too but you can’t deny they are directed towards a male audience.

My issue with this movie is: why does it have to come from those movies? Obviously there are obvious reasons like the fans will more likely go to see another spinoff than a stand alone movie and the other ocean’s movies have done so well so of course they’ll make another but, I don’t particularly like it. Same with Ghostbusters, instead of creating a movie about awesome women who younger people can look up to,  these badass characters have to stem from men. Why can’t they make an awesome action movie with an all female cast completely from scratch instead of taking it from a male-dominated world? Yes, of course it’s to do with the money and the fan base that’s obvious, but if they really cared why couldn’t they do it stand alone?

I’d love to see a movie about women who do heists and beat people up and have the brains and know how to do amazing things and inspire younger girls to not hold back and do what they want to do too. But, I don’t want to go see the movie and constantly have people saying ‘oh it was better with George Clooney in it’.

What do you think of Ocean’s Ocho?

Until next time.


  1. I’ve not seen this or the Ghostbusters film but I have to say I agree. Why can’t they come up with original films with all female cast rather than redoing old (already good) films? I also hate how some people claim that you’re “anti-feminist” if you don’t like the new Ghostbusters film, it’s so silly! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx


  2. The all female cast made up of Hollywood heavyweights and Rihanna seems to just be a gimmick to make money while screenwriters and producers try to think of the next big (and original) movie franchise. If this was an original movie with an all female cast I’d be all for it but rebooting a reboot is both silly and lazy. I’m half expecting someone to remake Monsters, Inc with an all human cast.


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