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The BFG Review

The BFG was one of those movies I loved as a kid so hearing of a remake I was skeptical. I had heard a few people say it wouldn’t be very good so I didn’t go in with high expectations. I had also completely forgotten about the story too so watching this movie was like watching a whole new one. Sitting through this movie (and a screaming baby in the corner) however, I really, really enjoyed it.


The BFG follows the story of Sophie an orphan who is taken by a giant in the middle of the night. She travels to giant country where she sees him bullied by the other giants. These other giants are also child-eaters. Sophie hatches a plan with the BFG, and the Queen surprisingly, to take these evil giants down. The BFG’s job is also to collect dreams which is adorable and he has all these jars in his home full of different dreams which was so beautiful and really added an extra bit of magic to the movie.

The movie is visually stunning and the soundtrack has that old magical feeling hidden within it. Even though the movie is quite simple, and very fun, it does have its tense moments which even had me on the edge of my seat. It did take me a while to get into the movie as it was a slow burner but it did thrust you right into the action at the start so there wasn’t too much unnecessary backstory or anything like that. The BFG is the cutest character in the world and he is just like the animated version which is great for people my age.


One criticism people said was that they didn’t think the CGI would be very good. At parts this was true, when the giant picks up Sophie it could be a bit clunky and the eye-lines were off at times but that didn’t ruin the overall magic of this movie.

Another thing I loved was that it was a kids movie, a proper kids movie, it had jokes about farts and had a lot of fun and weird moments that children would understand. But mainly, there were no adult jokes hidden in, it was truly innocent.

Have you seen The BFG?

Until next time.

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