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Scream Series 2 Review

Spoilers Ahead

Read my review of the first series here

Scream recently came to an end, and, of course I am a huge fan of the series and the movies so I had to review the end of season 2. Season 2 was different to season 1 simply because I didn’t feel it was as smart. In season 1 I only worked out who the murderer was in the last episode and that was through a simple guess that turned out to be right. This series kind of lost that mystery and intrigue especially as they tried to be clever and it didn’t work.


This series follows Emma and her friends as they come to terms with what Piper did in the last series. We also know, as the audience, that Audrey was working with Piper in some way which instantly puts the blame on her. New characters are introduced, including Gustavo and Zoe, which adds a fresh take on the other older cast. Another interesting character was Eli, Kieran’s cousin, who of course has a lot of mystery surrounding him especially as he is pointed at more than once to be the killer, which he isn’t.

There are a lot more suspects in this series including Audrey for her connection to Piper, Eli for his love of sneaking into homes in the middle of the night, Zoe for stealing the Audrey file and even Emma for her PTSD tendencies. However, in the end, it turns out to be…Kieran! The love interest of the main character actually had a love for Piper and is now seeking revenge for her death. Wow, that’s not a cliche killer backstory.


Was I happy with this ending? No, no I wasn’t. I followed the story exactly the same way I did for the first series and that one kept me in the dark but this one, well it was just too obvious. From his always being there at the right time to him even pretending it wasn’t him at the carnival where he taped the knife to his hand and acted all scared and confused. It was just too obvious. Of course I love Wes Craven so I wanted to give the production team on this the benefit of the doubt but in the end I was disappointed.

This series also had a lot less episodes than the first one did for whatever reason and I think that hurt the production of it too. It meant we couldn’t get in as deep as we could’ve and the reveal was all a bit rushed. Even the episode before the big finale opened up new questions that maybe didn’t need to be opened, they were literally just used as red herrings and were pointless in the end. And, of course, they had to end on a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger intrigued me as it seemed that Brandon James was finally going to be a bigger feature if they did get to make a season 3 but at the same time they definitely need to add a bit more of that old Wes Craven flare that the first series had. This includes the character as I felt even Noah, the meta one of the group, had lost some of his meta-ness and needed some more clever dialogue and hints to the audience.

Even though I was disappointed with the big reveal I can’t help but recommend this TV show enough just because it does have its incredibly clever moments and, if you were a fan of the original films, it is a great successor to them.

What did you think of the season 2 finale?

Until next time.



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