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ITV Switch Off?

ITV have decided that for an hour on the 27th of August they are going to switch off all of their TV channels. This is to try and get people to get off the sofa and do some sports in relation to the olympics happening at the moment. ITV have 7 different TV channels so all of these will be taken off the air for an hour at 9:30 (I’m guessing am). At the same time, sports and leisure centres will be open for free (not disclosed where these clubs will be however) so people can try new sports and actually do something worth while instead of vegging out in front of the TV. If you want more information you can read that all here, but I wanted to talk about my opinion on this idea.


Honestly, I don’t really see the point. Yes I know it’s great that they are taking incentive and want to make a change to people and their health but come on! It’s 7 channels out of the hundreds that are out there! Don’t you think people are just going to watch something else besides Jeremy Kyle that morning? It’s not hard to find crap TV these days. It’s also an hour on a Saturday morning. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t even be up at that time let alone prepared to go and do some sports. It really annoys me as well that they don’t say where these clubs are going to be. I live in a small town so I dare say none of this will be happening here especially as the article mainly only states bigger cities like London, Cardiff and Glasgow.


I think it’s amazing what the olympics does as even I have had more incentive to go out and try different sports but we’re all still human. We’re still people who would prefer a morning of munching our cornflakes and tweeting about some trivial stuff rather than going out and finding out what fencing and kayaking really is all about. I think if every TV station took this approach and took themselves off the air for a while it would make people want to go out and do something else with their time but that’s not what’s happening. I think this is good for people with children because they can take their kids and get them into sports at a young age but for people who are independent on their own they’d have to take the initiative themselves and some people just don’t do that. It’d be nice to see more coverage on this as it gets closer to the date to see where you can really go, especially as I doubt my sports centre would ever let people get sporty for free. It’s a good idea I just don’t think it’ll work very well.

What do you think about the ITV switch off?

Until next time.


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