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AHS Trailer Review

The new trailer for season 6 of American Horror Story has recently come out and it combines all the old monsters into one big trailer of terror. It takes you through little snippets of the older series’ until it reaches the new one still only hinting what the theme could be. This one does give a lot more away however.


It’s been said that all the little mini teaser trailers they have released have been red herrings and only one is the true storyline. There’s been creepy children, monsters in basements, demon babies and lake monsters so what could it be? Theories have been flying around like no one’s business trying to work it out and I’m no different.

In the trailer you see them go through some familiar faces from the past series and what were shown in their own series’ trailers. It then goes to six where we see a range of different evil beings that could have their place in the new series. From what we are shown I believe it has something to do with a forest or a getaway hidden away from civilisation. The lake monster is something that is very original and a monster that dates back decades. The other creatures they showed the audience were also very cliche standard horror movie tropes. There were a few scenes with stairs and houses making me think that it will be set in a home or cabin but will not reminisce the same ideas as murder house from season 1. Instead, this will be more dark and gruesome, especially as people have rumoured that it could be set around the life of Charles Manson a notoriousĀ serial killer. There are also hints of exorcisms which could add to the whole house scenario especially if we follow a family or group of friends, there again paying homage to older horror movie films.


Whatever happens, I don’t believe it will be set in real time, just because the themes of the trailer do seem more suited for a story set a few decades in the past. The way the lady is dressed and styled in the swamp monster scene also gives hints to this as it is very ‘hollywood in its prime’.

What do you think of the trailer? Any thoughts on the new series?

Until next time.

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