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What Makes a Viral Video?

Of writing this post, if you go on the YouTube trending bar, this is the first video that comes up.


When I last checked this video it had 900,000 views, and, a day later it now has nearly 3 million! But why? Why has this gone viral when other videos that maybe deserve more recognition are left in the dust? We are an odd race aren’t we?

The video is ten seconds long and features a, what I would call ‘nerdy’ kid, telling the camera his comeback. This comeback is simple ‘your face is gross’. He then proceeds to laugh which I think is the reason people keep viewing this video because it is pretty funny but its also so random. Since when did little things like this become viral? Well since the dawn of YouTube really. This is just another stem of sitting on the toilet and dramatic chipmunk. This, to me, is original YouTube and maybe that’s why people like it.

It takes ten seconds out of your day so is easy and quick to watch and by the time you want to click off of it you’ve basically watched the whole thing anyway. It’s just a bit dumb and simple and the way it’s shot makes it look like it was a last minute thought that the guy decided to upload to YouTube. It’s also one of those videos that you get recommended or subtle upon and you just can’t not watch them! They’re weird. It’s why I spend hours watching those fails videos, it’s funny to laugh at simple things that take 2 seconds to watch.


If you look through the comments some are confused, some are loving it and some are asking why it ever became viral. So why did it? Well, it’s simple, easy to watch and has a good pay off i.e. the laugh. The laugh is at the end so of course it’s almost impossible to watch that again and again so it’s easier to just go back to the beginning, there, gaining more views. The video is monetised meaning it is collecting money from each view too which is definitely going to be lining this guys pockets at the rate the views are going.

What do you think makes a viral video…viral?

Until next time.

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