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Pennywise Review

So it’s no secret, a remake of the famous Stephen King miniseries IT. If you try and watch the original IT you will be there for about three hours so making an actual movie of the famous story is something I’m very much looking forward to (especially as hopefully it’ll be a lot shorter). The main part of IT is, of course, Pennywise the clown. This clown was the first clown to ever properly terrify me and is the main reason I’m still scared of them now. Of course, it’s the 21st century so a new Pennywise had to enter the screen, but is he as good as the original?


Pennywise was first played by Tim Curry, an absolutely amazing actor and one of my favourites, his Pennywise was truly terrifying. I think what made him so scary was that he looked like any other normal clown you would find at children’s parties. He gives me the old John Wayne Gacy serial killer feel. He also doesn’t look too out of place if you saw him out and about, it just looks like he’s travelling in between carnival shows or parties. Of course, nearer the end his face becomes all morphed and messed up but, for a lot of the film he just looks like a guy dressed up as a clown. I think this adds to his terror. Anyone can dress up as a clown and roam the streets, hey, people did it not long ago to spook people, and no one would really bat an eyelid back in the days when this miniseries came out. I definitely think the terror that adds to this character as well is the fact that he acts weird, it’s not just the way he looks but the way he acts too, it really brings chills down my spin.


And, now for the new Pennywise. I’m not huge on this one. This one seems too ‘done up’, too stylised. The team behind him clearly knew that people were terrified of clowns, its a big phobia out there, but I think they made him too scary. He’s almost a bit gimmicky. This is not the sort of clown you would see at children’s parties and I think that makes him lose some scariness. The thing with the original IT was that he could just fade into the background because he was a simple clown, while, this one just sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe it’s the facial expressions too but he’s just too try hard. The face paint isn’t as prominent either and everyone knows clowns are known for their face painting skills. This one screams too much serial killer and not enough clown. I guess it depends how the movies goes but in the original IT was out and about all the time and it wasn’t too conspicuous, however, if this one was just having a wander around town he’d get the police called on him quicker than he could kill a kid.


So, in my opinion, there’s no comparison. The new one is just too dark and scary and they need some old flare from the original to come back. Even though I wouldn’t I could imagine the original being invited to parties to entertain kids while the new one would have a restraining order put on him the second he left the house.

What do you think of the new Pennywise?

Until next time.


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