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GCSE Results Movies

GCSE results day can be incredibly stressful. It’s your first taste of finding out where you could be heading in the future and that’s a big responsibility. I thought, to help you through the day I would share some of my favourite movies to do with school, whether you’ll be celebrating or finding out a plan B. Whatever the outcome, I am proud of you. I remember my GCSE results and let me say I had nightmares about that day. But no matter what, whether good or bad, you’ve got great things coming for you in the future. So for now, take some time out, and watch a movie! You’ve earned it.


Let’s start with celebrating!

gcseresults12High School Musical 3

HSM 3 was one I hadn’t watched until recently but obviously it’ll be awesome to know you’ve finished actually school along with your favourites from the trilogy. It also has some of the best songs out of the three movies so a sing along is always a great way to release stress.

gcseresults3Not Another Teen Movie 

Felt like school was a bit of a joke? Love young adult movies? Then you’ll love this. It makes fun of all your favourite old school teenage movies and has quite a good cast (Captain America looks very cute in this one!) Definitely a movie to watch to remember how ridiculous school was and to celebrate never having to go there again.

gcsemeanMean Girls

Come on! This is every young girl’s movie! It’s great and will almost make you happy you ended up at your school and not at a school with the likes of Regina George. This a movie for you and your friends to enjoy over pizza. I mean, I would! I don’t recommend making your own burn book though…

gcsebringBring It On

This movie is a classic. It’s funny, sweet and one of my favourites. Watch this if things didn’t really go your way but you know it’ll be ok. Because like Torrance, she was in a bad situation but made it work and made it great and so can you.


Now for the movies you have to watch if things didn’t go your way. Don’t worry about it, just take some time out, have a breather and things will look better tomorrow.

gcsebackBack to the Future

Because, don’t we all wish we had a Delorean to go back in time and give us more time to study for that particular exam? It’s also a lot of fun so why not have a little boogie to the song at the end? I always do.

For when you just want to burn your school down. I know, it can be
stressful, but that’s not the right way to do things. So let Carrie do it instead. This is an old 70s movie so look out for lots of cliches and of course it’s a horror so if you’re a horror fan, watch this! Or if you want to watch the remake that’s cool too!

gcseferrisFerris Bueller’s Day Of

Ferris took a day off school and had the time of his life so why can’t you? Yes you should study and yes you should try your hardest but we all need a time out once in a while. Go for a walk, hang out with friends and just relax. Ferris does it in the best way but I wouldn’t suggest stealing your friends dad’s car!


Again, if you want to blow up your school but in a more teenage, comedy, angsty kind of way watch this! I watched it recently and I can’t get it out of my head! The movie is so weird but so addictive! If you’re upset by your grades put this on because I promise you it’ll help.

So these are my recommendations! What are your favourite movies to watch when you’re celebrating or having some me time?

Congratulations on all your results and, no matter the outcome, you’ll be fine! I promise.

Until next time.

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