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Pretty Little Liars Rant

I have invested three years in this show and I know a lot of people who have invested a lot more. I can’t speak for these other people but I feel cheated. The show has become a cliche mess of stupid theories, stupid decisions and even stupider dialogue.


PLL (Pretty Little Liars) used to be fun. It was a bit over the top yeah but at least it was consistent. Well, until the A reveal. I honestly think that was the turning point for this show. They lost a lot of loyal fans because of that and, to be honest, I only continued to watch in hope that they could bring it back. Now the girls face A.D, an emoji obsessed killer, and they all have to live ‘grown up lives’. Grown up lives? Right. That’s why they were all able to basically quit their jobs yet still be able to live and survive to the high standard they seem to have. How you getting those nails done Hanna if you have no money coming in?! Everything seems to be put on hold whenever an A turns up, and yes, at school it was ok because it was normal to skip classes but now, you can’t skip work.

A.D is ridiculous. They are all over the place and even they know the storyline no longer works because they have helped the liars in the past to keep the story going. In the final episode we get to see people die, people get back together and other random stuff. I just can’t anymore. It’s so over the top to a point where it’s not even believable. You would’ve thought in those five years the girls would have learnt a thing or two about what to do in these situations.

Other parts of the show feel like they’re just being thrown in to keep the fans happy and have no real point which is completely obvious and so stupid. It’s like these girls don’t have any common sense anymore.

Luckily, for me, there’s only eleven episodes left and honestly I have NO faith in this show anymore. I am so glad it is coming to an end so I can stop wasting my time with it. Yes I will watch it to the end but only because I’ve watched 7 series already so what’s the point in stopping now? But if you want to start this series or have just started, stop, seriously go watch a different drama show because this one is definitely not worth it.

What do you think of PLL?

Until next time.


  1. YES! My friend and I were saying the other day how ridiculous and stupid the show has gotten. I have to admit, I still watch it every week but it’s so unbelievable now. X


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