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Sia – The Greatest Review

Sia dropped her newest video recently accompanying The Greatest song. I love this song, it’s incredibly catchy and just really well done. I mean, Sia does some amazing songs. The video that goes along with it is also very interesting. It’s said to be a tribute to the Orlando shootings that happened earlier this year.


The video follows Maddie Ziegler as she dances her way around a house with a lot of other children. The climax happens in a night club type room where the children/young adults drop to the floor basically acting dead. Many little details explain how it is linked to the Orlando shooting including the obvious night club, the rainbow face paint, the 49 children representing the 49 victims and the bullet holes in the walls. At the end Maddie is seen crying alone with the rainbow face paint showing the pain and hurt people went through after the attack.

I found this quite a hard hitting video as it brings back memories from the tragic day as well as representing the way it happened very well. You see these people full of life, dancing and enjoying themselves through their facial expressions and suddenly they’re just dead. It’s hard to see them go from so full of life to nothing. The #weareyourchildren hashtag is incredibly prominent because they are. The people who died were our children, our friends, our family and they would have affected so many people’s lives.

The lyrics are prominent and the video really adds a different meaning to the words. “Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes. Well, oh, I got stamina” and “But the strong will survive, another scar may bless you, ah”. Yes the Orlando shooting may not have influenced the writing but it really adds a different sub area for the song with the visual over top.

Have you seen The Greatest video? What’d you think?

Until next time.

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