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iPhone 7!

Yesterday the iPhone 7 was unveiled to the world! Along with it was a new Apple Watch and headphones, but the main spectacle will always be the phone. Even though the phone is very similar to others it has had a bunch of small things change about it that I can imagine will impact the phone in a big way (and the sales of it too).


So, what does the new iPhone have?

  • Water resistant (yes you heard that right) up to 10 metres for 30 minutes.
  • A 12 megapixel camera and a HD FaceTime camera.
  • If you want the plus the camera improves even more including a second camera! These are mainly for zoom and performance.
  • A more powerful chip which means a longer battery life.
  • New stereo system for better sound.
  • But! No headphone port….wait what?

The headphone port was one that a lot of people had heard rumours about and had a lot of people wondering why they would do that. Basically, the new phone has new headphones, wireless headphones that I will get into in a bit. The way to listen to the classic headphones is to get an adapter that plugs into the charge hole and then connects to normal headphones from there. But what that means, is basically, if you want to listen to music and charge your phone…well you can’t! Have fun with that.

The new headphones…well they’re not available until October and the phone is available the 16th of September so clearly they are not included in the packaging. Their tagline for these are “headphones….finally untangled”. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa. No. I’d much rather have to deal with untangling them every other moment than losing them in a day! They seem very new-age however.

  • They can apparently sense when they’re in your ears so only play music then.
  • They can talk to Siri so if you need him to call anyone or play a new song he will.
  • One charge lasts for 5 hours and they charge by putting them back in the case they came in (ok, I like that charging element).
  • And of course they bring the best sound.

Do I like this idea? No. Where do I put the Aux cord?! I mean, obviously, they’ve said the charge lasts longer so maybe it will be ok to have to use the charging port as the headphone port but otherwise you’re a bit stuffed. I don’t really like the style of the AirPods either, and how are they meant to stay in your ears?

Finally, the iPhone 7 comes in glossy black, gold, silver and rose gold. Oh, and did I mention matte black?! (heavy breathing). I mean seriously how sexy does that sound? That may be the biggest thing that sells me with this phone.


Will I get the iPhone 7? I’m going to say no but then again I said no with the 6 too and look what happened! I love the design, I love keeping up with the newest styles but I just don’t think I can get on board with the loss of the headphone port. Listening to music in the car is a big part of my journey and I don’t even know how to use bluetooth (not since 2008 anyway) so getting rid of that for me is a big mistake.

I guess I’ll have to wait to look at it properly when I can get my hands on it in store.

What do you think of the new iPhone?

Until next time.

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