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Kangaroo Jack Review

Kangaroo Jack came out in 2003 and I remember little 8 year old me saying ‘Why would I want to see a movie about a Kangaroo?’ Clearly, I was too cool for that. But, recently, my boyfriend suggested watching it as it was one of his favourite movies from his childhood. I went in with no expectations, expecting a run of the mill talking animal movie, but what I got was completely different.


So, before we get into the plot, I want to talk about Kangaroo Jack. The character Kangaroo Jack. Jack is a kangaroo (shock horror) and the movie is named after him so you’d guess he’d be the main character right? Wrong! He literally has like ten minutes of screen time. Good old Jack is used as the tipping or changing point of the movie, yes he raps in the end, which is just weird seeing as in the rest of the movie he is just a standard kangaroo but with a hoodie and sunglasses (those aren’t his by the way).

Right, to explain Kangaroo Jack a bit better and why the kangaroo is in it. The story follows two men, Charlie and Louis, who work with the mob (because the mob boss is Charlie’s stepfather). When they mess up a TV delivery they are given a second chance by being trusted to take $50,000 to a person in Australia. When they get there they accidentally run over a kangaroo but instead of being nice they decide to be a bit odd and take selfies with it, I mean right? They put their jacket on the kangaroo when suddenly it comes back to life and hops away. The money, of course, was in the jacket. This then becomes a hunt for the kangaroo to try and get the money back. They meet a girl called Jessie (here comes the love story) who helps them hunt down the kangaroo.

So, when I watched the movie I was really surprised. I didn’t watch it so intently because it was good, no, I watched it so intently because I couldn’t believe how little Jack was in it. The story was actually really good, the actors were ones I’ve seen in other movies so knew were pretty good comedic actors and, it was pretty well done. I do find it weird though that the marketing and name was all about this kangaroo and he was hardly in it. I wonder, if I had seen it when I was 8, whether I would have understood the whole story completely.


Should you watch this movie? Yes. Definitely yes! How I remember seeing this movie marketed is nothing like how the movie actually is. It’s really fun and random and actually has a story that holds up for both adults and children. I’m just amazed I have never seen this movie before but then again, with the marketing they had, maybe if they didn’t put so much emphasis on the kangaroo I would have been more interested.

Have you seen Kangaroo Jack?

Until next time.

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