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Bake Off x Channel 4

Yesterday it was revealed that Bake Off would be leaving the BBC. I wrote about it as the news happened but, of course, new developments came to light. People thought ITV would get it due to their name cropping up before but surprisingly Channel 4 snuck in from the back.


But what does this mean for Bake Off? Well one thing we know for sure is there will now be adverts. This add on I do not like because it’s lovely to sit down for an hour, watch the show, and move on. With the adverts it’ll pull you away from the drama in the tent and will probably be used as cliffhangers.

Another thing is the differences between Channel 4 and the BBC. The BBC is a bit traditional and very British where as Channel 4 is quite out there and is a bit more garish with their cooking shows (talking about the narrator on Come Dine With Me here). If you look at their other shows as well they’re very jokey and fun but almost in an offensive way. They want to cause controversy, they want those views and opinions because it reaches a wider audience and that just doesn’t work with Bake Off (shows such as Naked Attraction). Bake Off is a sweet little cupcake full of sunshine and rainbows and Channel 4 is more like that underground club you’d only go to if there’s nowhere else open.

Will Channel 4 change the way Bake Off runs? Maybe, but they’d be dumb to. They have to know how popular Bake Off is, it was one of the BBC’s most loved, so why would they mess with something that is already so successful? All we can do is hope that they don’t ruin a great Wednesday night show.

What do you think of Bake Off moving to Channel 4?

Until next time.

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