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iOS10 Review

After the release of the iPhone 7 of course we had to get a new update and this one was a big one. This update included a new style, new emojis and just a whole new look really.


When people started updating a few had some issues including the phone freezing or becoming incredibly slow. Luckily, when I updated, I had no such issues. Some of the new features included in the update were:

  • Handwritten messages to people for that extra personal feel.
  • Animations that take over your entire screen through iMessage (for example, when sending a happy birthday message).
  • Stickers that add to your messages (but you do have to buy the majority of the packs).
  • New emojis! And the option to change what you’re saying to an emoji to express it instead.
  • A better Siri and maps.
  • A new lock screen with a new way to unlock your phone (plus a new way of showing notifications).
  • The option to delete all those unnecessary apps that were just taking up storage that you couldn’t delete before.
  • Better way to sort your camera roll.

These are just a few and you can find the full list on Apple’s website. A lot of people seemed to be upset with the update and didn’t like it but I absolutely love it. Yes the emojis look different and will take some getting used to but they don’t look bad. The inclusion of both genders in different roles including policemen/women and the sassy boy make me very happy. The water gun though? I don’t see the point.

The notification screen looks so chic and professional but I wish you could group your notifications together if they are from the same place instead of having to scroll through a whole list. The typing and lock noise have changed which, for right now, I am not a fan of due to it sounding lower and a bit wooden.


This may be one of my favourite updates. I find the whole thing very chic and being able to delete apps that I never use has given me an extra gigabyte of storage! Would I recommend an update? Of course! The little adds on, especially to iMessage, will make the whole talking experience so much more fun it’s definitely worth it. Yes the emojis will take time to get used to but I’m sure, after a few weeks, we’ll all have forgotten what the old ones looked like.

What do you think of iOS 10?

Until next time.

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