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AHS 6 Theme Reveal!

Major spoilers ahead.

American Horror Story’s sixth season has been a whirlwind of mystery. So many different themes have been speculated on and teased that no one knew what could be coming. This may be one of the most hyped season they’ve ever had, but, yesterday, the season premier finally graced our screens and it is a big one!


This series of American Horror Story seems to be a show within a show. The show called My Roanoke Nightmare (the show within AHS) reconstructs Shelby and Matt’s ordeal moving to a country home. The real life Shelby is played by Lily Rabe and the reconstruction of Shelby is Sarah Paulson. Matt is played by Andre Holland and reconstructed is Cuba Gooding Jr (both new faces to the show). This episode, and probably the whole series, has a very documentary feel about it, almost like Crimewatch, where we are introduced to the people who went through the ordeal and are shown recreations of it too. As long as you keep this is mind you can’t get too confused especially when so many of our favourite actors are playing the same people.

The first episode was incredibly tense, incredibly jumpy and just very well done. I won’t give too much away about what happened because I want you to watch it with a fresh face and tell me what you thought. I thought it was fun to follow and really got you excited for the rest of the series. Having a whole new style of show really brings something fresh to the series especially as the creators have so much creative flair they can bring to the many series’ as they are not (or barely) connected to one another.

Due to the secret being so well kept everyone, and I mean everyone, is speculating on what the Roanoke nightmare could mean and where they will be going in the future of the series. In this first episode not a lot of characters were introduced so I am excited to see who our old favourites will be playing in this series. What really strikes me, however, is how well it is all done to build the suspense for the audience without becoming too cliche and keeping you hooked from start to finish. Lets hope the rest of the series can keep up this air of mystery.

What do you think of the new AHS theme?

Until next time.

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